May 24, 2024

Beach Boys Cypher Part 1 – Mamson & Lilsaint


Arewa Hip-hop powerhouse record company Pyramid Hills Sound has released an extensive posse track more of a conversation titled
BEACH BOYS CYPHER PART 1, which features an array of two Hausa rap acts,Mamson And Lilsaint Both of them brought their musical talents to the fore and represented for the north in a smooth style.its about Mamson He Had a deal with his girlfriend where she challenged Him that they get to pick 5 Celebrities that they can sleep with and the other one won’t get mad.

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(Voice: Mamson)
Saint kasan mene?
Kasan Menene?
Ai Baby Tace.
Ta rubuta list of celebs.
She’s allow to sleep with.
Taban na karanta.
Sannan na rubuta.
Who are on my list.
Kuma ba jin haushi.
(Voice: Lilsaint)
To ban naga Natan.
But fada min nakan.
(Voice: Mamson)
Da Farko waje.
Sannan Nicky Baby.
(Voice: Lilsaint)
Tab amma dai kasan
Nicky tafi ajinka.
Kuma ba Naija ba.
(Voice: Mamson)
kai baba manta.
Waye ya fada ma.
Ga Dj Cuppy.
Sannan Kuma Cardi.
(Voice: Lilsaint)
Yaushe ka ganta.
Balle ka taba ta.
Na dai fadi nawa.
Yanzun saura kai.
Five list ta rubuta.
Kaima haka za kai.
Da Farko Rihanna.
Sannan Da Beyonce.
Ahhh Bar matar Jay-z.
Ka kira yan local.
Ba kasar Waje Ba.
Don Basa Yawo.
Always On Island.
Ka kira yan naija.
(Voice: Lilsaint)
Sai Nayi Tunani.
Yanzun Ka Jirani.
In Dauko Biro.

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