April 23, 2024

Gov Bala Mohammed constructed over 500 classrooms in Bauchi State to enhance education


The Executive Governor of Bauchi State, His Excellency Senator Bala A. Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi) in his quest to enhance education in the State has constructed over 500 classrooms across the State.

Kauran Bauchi has demonstrated his drive to revamp education from the basic level in Bauchi State. In just two years of his administration, he constructed over 500 classrooms across length and width of Bauchi State for enhanced teaching and learning experience for both the teachers and the pupils.

Similarly, for a leader that care so much and has concern about the health and well-being of his people, his priorities will always be in creating, upgrading and sustaining health facilities.

That is the secret behind Gov Bala Mohammed’s zeal and determination for total transformation of hospitals and health centres in villages, towns and cities of Bauchi State. Gov Kauran Bauchi proves that people’s health remains his priority.

Indeed, Governor Bala Mohammed Kauran Bauchi is second to none and closely followed by none in his sheer mission and vision for total transformation of Bauchi State.

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