May 19, 2024

#IBERE “The Beginning Album by Mr Murph Hits Over 58,250 Listeners World Wide


Jos based Nigerian celebrity who was recently featured on JESSE JAGZ’S recently dropped EP “GARBA” hits over 58,250 listeners in a week     Numbers are still counting on daily basis on the recent project dropped by One of Nigeria’s finest “MR MURPH” under the prestigious “MURPHIOUS RECORDS“.       

The album if a fusion of different gender of sounds to fit in to different stages of mindsets.     

Just as the title “THE BEGINNING” is an album compiled to keep you in suspense wanting to listen to the next track.Mindblowing,rich in content and uniquely different.    

If you haven’t vibe to this album,don’t be left out of the trend,copy the link below and paste it on any browser you enjoy using the most to listen.


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