May 19, 2024

Seemo Munashak – Mallam Yace


MUNATARAY ENTERTAINMENT CONCEPT presents Seemo Munashak with a hit banger titled Mallam Yace

Downlaod and Enjoy!!

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Mallam Yace -Babu Corona (2x)
Kuma kun che -Babu Corona
Muma mun Che -Babu Corona

Corona Ikon Allah
Wai Ba Tsarki Sai Allah (2x)

CORONA IS REAL OOO (Make We Fix Our Schools Ooo)

CORONA IS REAL OOO (Make We Fix Our Hospitals)

CORONA IS REAL OOO (We dey live with the Virus Ooo)

CORONA IS REAL OOO (we go Survive the Virus Ooo)

Rap 1

Covid19 pandemic
Some say na 419
Say NCDC sef na Scam
Till our cases pass 4-1-9
Now everybody dey one kind
All man to himself no time
Some say na big man disease
For 9ja 192 don delete
Government say Make we Lockdown
People Protest
Economy Shutdown
Now F is for Facemasks
Some say BUBU no dey wear masks
If you ask me na who I go ask
Wear your Facemasks for crowded areas
So that you no go spread am for your area
Make we chase CORO comot 4 Nigeria.



I is for Isolation
E go pay you pass to do self-isolation
Than make Dem carry you go isolation
Isolation center omo e be like prison
Prevention omoh my guy dey like wisdom
Isolate make you no go regret
Omoh P for Palliatives
Government Say Dem go give us Palliatives
To the poorest of the poor
But na who be the poorest of the poor
As e be like say the Rich don turn Poor
Omoh everybody sef need Palliatives.


Rap 3

Stay Home, Stay Safe
The Virus dey spread from person to person
Improve on your personal hygiene
Wash your hands always with soap and water for atleast 20 seconds
Use hand sanitizer
With 60 % alcohol
No dey touch your eyes
No dey pick your nose
No dey Chuck hand for your mouth
No dey gather group
And stay out of crowded places
Make you avoid mass gathering
Church or mosque no suppose pass 50
Wear your Facemasks
If you must enter crowd
Our lives must return to normal
But we have to live with the virus
We have to survive with Corona
Africa take a cue from Madagascar
No forget it was made in China
This na time to patronise made in 9ja.

Copyright, Munataray Entertainment Concept,2020

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