April 24, 2024

247MusicTrend Interview Session With Ray Bryn By TeeJay


TEEJAY: May we know you?

RAY BRYN: I’m Raymond ikpa with the stage name RAYBRYN… I’m a versatile artist.

TEEJAY: What first got you into music?

RAY BRYN: The passion, I have a burning passion for music.

TEEJAY: How many songs have you recorded so far, and how can we get them?

RAY BRYN: So far, I have recorded so many songs, buh I have got only about 5-6 up for downloads. On playloaded.com.ng, 247musictrend.com 4wardwego.com.ng or you can just search my name on Google.

TEEJAY: Have your song ever been aired on the radio?

RAY BRYN: Yes severally I have had almost all my songs on airplay as a matter of fact my latest release which is titled YOU BE. Has made it to Rhythm HIT SONG OF THE WEEK
Right in this moment.

TEEJAY: Who or what inspired you to make music?

RAY BRYN: God is the source of my inspiration and my big bro Sly who has tirelessly tot me how to make good sounds.

TEEJAY: Tell us about your creative process ?

RAY BRYN: It all started way back wen I was 13 I have always watched my big brother do music and he inspired me so much little by little he started carrying me along and I had my first studio recording wen I was at age 15, until date where I can now really make good sounds independently he still got me like ever.

TEEJAY: Who would you like to collaborate with the most?

RAY BRYN: In the jos industry I admire some few good artist especially the A list they’re all OG’s working really hard and putting us on the entertainment map I admire dem alot equally so, I’m looking forward.

TEEJAY: Which is your favourite song ?

RAY BRYN: I would say it’s Young BOY my last year’s drop . it happened beyond the ordinary.. It’s inspiration came as a flash, and I had it down and recorded in less than 24hours.

TEEJAY: Which famous musicians do you admire?.

RAY BRYN: I admire WIZKID he is an idol.

TEEJAY: Have you ever dealt with performance Anxiety?

RAY BRYN: Yes almost on a regular basis, in several occasions I deal with performance anxiety. So, for me I feel it’s normal buh how yhu tackle it, is always the end Game.

TEEJAY: Tell me about your favorite performance

RAY BRYN: Favorite performance was at defend ya vote concert. It was really a thing of joy seeing myself on the performing list along with our recent times Champs. The likes of perruzi, Dremo and a few others..I was so happy.

TEEJAY: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

RAY BRYN: As a coming up artist with ambition.. I see myself going international in the next five years.

TEEJAY: What should we expect next from you?

RAY BRYN: Y’all should be xpectin a rebranded RAYBRYN with a different artistic touch featuring a bad artist with the Ghana flowz and it’s titled HUSTLE
Dates coming real soon!

TEEJAY: What are some of the challenges you face as an independent Artist?

RAY BRYN: I would tell you it’s Not easy buh with help of my big bro SlyZeus, who has got me with his team Grail and Orakle from day 1, I would say it’s been God using this amazing folks I would just say I’m part of an amazing team DOWNTOWN GEEZ ENTERTAINMENT

TEEJAY: Lastly, What advice do you have for your fellow artist ?
Fellow artist, keep the hustle on. don’t copy, don’t give up, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

RAY BRYN: Fellow artiste, keep the hustle on, don’t copy, don’t give up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

TEEJAY: It was nice having you today, do enjoy the rest of the evening.

RAY BRYN: Thanks for having me.

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