July 20, 2024

Apostle Jack Mamven – Ruhu [Prod. by Drummer Boy]



Apostle Mamven is the Senior Apostle of Global Force Apostolic Movement [Glofam]

He is a Revivalist, Prayer Addict, Preaching Device, Author, Songwriter, Worship Leader, and a Rapper.

Apostle Jack Mamven is an embodiment of God’s Gifts and Graces that is totally yielded as a blessing to the body of Christ.


Ruhu simply means ‘Spirit’ in Hausa. And the spirit the song writer is talking about here is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not just a comforter or teacher. He is also a Leader!(Rom 8:14) Allow Him to take the lead role in your life while you follow.

He knows the way to the father, He knows the way to your healing, He knows the way to your lifting, He knows the way to whatever you are looking for in life. Enjoy Koinonia as you listen to “Ruhu” (Spirit) from the City Winepress, Apostle Jack Mamven

Download, Listen and be bless…

DOWNLOAD MP3: Apostle Jack Mamven – Ruhu


INTRO: Ah! Spirit of God, we’ve come to the point where we realise we need You more than before.

Ah! We need You…

 Show us the ancient path. Rule in the affairs of our lives. Lead us, take us through the ancient path.

Holy Ghost, here we are…

Chorus:  Nuna mani fuskar Ka, Ruhu nuna man hanya, Ka nuna man, nuna man ceto 2×


When I’m lost, You lead me

When I’m sick,  You heal me

When I’m  down, You send Your word to me oh oh oh oh oh oh…

 Now I’m here cos’ You love me

Now I’m strong cos’ You hold me

Now I’m standing tall because of You…       

  [CHORUS: 2x] Nuna Mani fuskar ka, Ruhu Nuna man hanya, Nuna man, Nuna Man cheto


Ka koya man hanya Ka

Ruhu ja ni inzo gare Ka

Ka nu na man fuskar ka ina roko oh oh oh oh oh oh…

And now I’m here cos you love me

Now I’m strong cos you hold me

Now I’m standing tall because of you… Oh oh oh oh oh…

   Chorus [2x]


Come on, Holy Spirit of God, ah ah ah, we call on You today, show us the ancient path to walk through, nuna mana,  nuna mana…

Ohhhh, this is our heart cry tonight.

 Now we realise we can’t do this on our own. We don’t know the right way to pass or to walk through.

We need you, we need you to lead us, lead us,  lead us

 *tongues *…


Bible speaking in Romans 8:14 saying; for as many that are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Now, Moses by Revelation understood this dimension.

In Exodus 33: 15, It says; it says if Your Spirit, your Presence will not go with us take us not there. So, how far can you go without His Presence leading you???

How far can you be able to walk without Him giving, showing you the ancient path for you to walk through?

You need Him, ah ah ah, I need Him, we all need Him.

And His Spirit is that Comforter, is that abiding presence that we need to take us through that path. That’s why we say, show us the way Spirit of the Living God. Thank You Holy Ghost!

SUB CHORUS: Ka Nuna man, ka Nuna man cheto(Repeat)

* tongues *…

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