July 20, 2024

Apple Music announced Nigerian artist, Rema as its latest artist on the ‘Up Next’ program on Wednesday, June 17.

Specifically, Apple Music’s monthly artist initiative is focused on identifying, showcasing and elevating rising talent.

The youngster spoke about his goals and ambition in a recent interview with Ebro Darden, Apple Music’s Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Here is what he said;

 “Getting recognised by Apple as their Up Next artist is a huge deal for me. I want to take Afrobeats to the world and now the world is listening, it’s an honour. This has come during a time when across the world people are uniting and coming together to fight for justice.

“This generation, my generation, are standing up and speaking out and it’s amazing to see, I am standing right beside them.”

During the interview, the 20-year-old singer talks about how he got his name. After Darden asked the singer what his name means and how he got it the artist replies, “It means a revelation from another dimension.

“The full name is ‘RHEMA,’ but I shortened it to ‘Rema’… I got it from church, I felt my sound resonates with the name… I started calling myself Rema. Then, I started calling myself the name when I was 14 – I used to call myself Blitz… I switched my name from Blitz to Rema because I felt Rema matches my sound.”

Equally important, Apple Music stated that Rema’s 2019 self-titled debut EP embodies the youth movement emerging from the continent of Africa.

According to Apple Music, “Since the debut of his Rema – EP in March 2019, Rema has become the #18 World Artist across Apple Music based on lifetime plays.”

Watch the interview below.

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